President’s Message

William J. Scott, MEPI President

William J. Scott, MEPI President


The Minority Engineering Program of Indianapolis (MEPI) had a very successful 2017. Through the focused efforts of our many volunteers, we are starting our 2017/18 program year at near full capacity in most of our grade levels at close to 30 students per grade. Many of these additional students come from families of financial need.  Our transformation map continues to guide us as MEPI strives to be a nationally recognized minority-focused STEM education program.

As shown by our balance sheet and profit & loss statements in this annual report, MEPI continues to be financially strong while pursuing additional funding sources required to double our impact and the number of students that we serve.  We have invested in a couple of key areas:  hiring a management firm – the Mattison Corporation – to handle many of our administrative and financial tasks and receiving a grant from Salesforce that allowed us to utilize their software to manage our student and operational data and information.  These steps move us in the direction of our future goal to have a full time paid staff person.

Through strategic fundraising efforts including our golf outing and outreach to corporate partners, we’re developing new partnerships that will  increase our ability to serve more students and provide even more opportunities. This year, in addition to our monthly sessions, students also  participated in field trips, attended the NSBE convention visited universities around the state.

I am grateful to and want to thank our parents, facilitators, volunteers, board members, sponsors, and educational partners for all they have passionately contributed to help achieve the MEPI mission and vision.  As I attend our monthly student sessions and our year-end banquet, I am impressed with the impact that our team is having on minority youth.   I am convinced that many of these students will pursue STEM careers due to their involvement in MEPI.

They will be our future leaders.